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Hussaini Association of Calgary

Hussaini Association of Calgary is an association of Shia Muslims in Calgary. We are followers of Imam Ali(as) as the only rightful successor of Prophet Muhammad(saw). When Prophet Muhammad(saw) reported receiving a divine revelation, Ali(as) was the first male to accept his message and first to convert to Islam, dedicating his life to the cause of Islam.

Ali(as) is highly respected for his courage, knowledge, belief, honesty etc., his progenies inherited his character and were never found to be different. We commemorate Muharram every year due to the martyrdom of Husain(as), the son Ali(as), the grandson of Prophet Muhammad(saw) and the third Imam of the Shia Muslims. Imam Husain(as) accepted martyrdom over paying allegiance to the Caliph of Muslims at the time, who was one of the worst tyrant and oppressor caliph.