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"Wealth is not from a lot of money. Wealth is the independence from the self."Prophet Muhammad(saw)


Imambargah Calgary

We Love Peace And Harmony

Calgary Imambargah – Hussaini Association of Calgary is a Shia Ithna Ashari Muslims registered charitable organization in Calgary-Canada. We are adherent to the book of Allah (ST), Prophet Muhammad and his pure Household. Our religion and religious leaders inspire us to serve and support all the noble causes of Allah (ST) and His servants with all our capabilities. HAC truly believe in justice, fairness and peace for all.
Our members are proud of our identity as the devout lovers and followers of Prophet Muhammad (SAWW) and his Ahlulbayt (as), the embodiments of all the excellences, particularly Maula Ali (as), and Imam Husain (as), the eternal exemplary figures for human rights and the emblems of the social and human justice. We exist to:

  • Nurture our community on the basis of Shia Ithna Ashari doctrines, practices and moral values.
  • Live and share a meaningful, spiritual, cohesive and prosperous life with all humanity.
  • Promote peace, co-existence and harmony among our vibrant community and the exclusively multicultural wider Canadian society through interfaith dialogues and other social activities.
  • Offer counselling and mentoring support to the community in all the religious and spiritual spheres.

We strongly denounce all kinds of terrorism, extremism and violence committed anywhere in the world with our loudest voice. read more

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