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Jesus (pbuh) in Islam

Felicitations on the auspicious birth anniversary of Jesus Christ (peace be upon him) to all those who seek his great example to lead a peaceful, meaningful and selfless life in this world. O Allah You have created us to witness…

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What are Furoo-ad-Deen(Branches of Religion)?

Furoo-ad-Deen (Branches of Religion) Salat (Prayers) Saum (Fasting) Hajj (Pilgrimage) Zakat (Poor Rate) Khums (Wealth Tax) Jihad (Striving) Amr-Bil-Ma'roof (Enjoin what is good) Nahi-Anil-Munkar (Forbid what is wrong) Tawalla (To love and respect the Ahl-ul-Bait and their friends) Tabarra (To…

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Who are Fourteen Infallibles(Ma'soomeen)?

The Fourteen Infallibles includes The Last Prophet of Allah(swt) and his daughter Bibi Fatima(sa) along with 12 Imams: Prophet Muhammad Ar-Rasool (PBUH&HF) Imam Ali Al-Ameeril Mo'mineen (AS) Hazrat Fatima Az-Zahra (AS) Imam Hasan Al-Mujtaba (AS) Imam Husain As-Shaheed (AS) Imam…

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Ayatollah Khamenei’s fatwa: Insulting the Mother of the Faithful Aisha is prohibited Ayatollah Khamenei issued a decree wherein he prohibited insult towards Aisha, the wife of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), and any of the figures and symbols celebrated by Sunni brethren. The Leader…

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